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Energetic and environmental

Use of available space, preserving valuable land (agriculture or other uses).

The reservoirs are generally already wired sites, avoiding the carrying out of new electrical works for energy transport.

Reduction of water evaporation from the reservoirs (water is a precious resource and will be more and more).

Limitation of algae growth.

They don't influence water quality.

Use of recyclable materials.

Greater efficiency of photovoltaic modules through the reflection of light on the surface of the water ("albedo effect").

Better production with cable cooling; after verification of the chemical-physical characteristics of the water of the basin, it is possible to evaluate the cooling of the solar modules in summer periods.

Implementing the solar tracking of a floating platform is extremely simple: on the other hand, terrestrial tracking systems are particularly expensive during construction and costly in terms of maintenance.

Positive aesthetic impact.

Compatible with recreational or sporting activities (e.g. fishing).

Suitably industrialised, the floating construction system has very fast realisation times and costs that are competitive with similar systems installed on land.

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