The solution that makes the most of the available sunlight

The floating single-span structure consists of 12 modules arranged in 4 rows of 3 units each. The pontoons can be positioned at varying distances, which allows the platform to accommodate modules of different sizes and, therefore, power output. So, the power that can be generated by a raft is neither fixed nor linked to the specific dimensions of the modules, a feature that makes the system very versatile and able to make use of the latest types of photovoltaic module.

The product is designed to be expandable and with kW or MW modules, simply by placing several rafts side by side. These are lashed together, and the platforms on the perimeter are anchored using adjustable winches. The recommended distance between the spans must be maintained to avoid shading, the main cause of energy loss in photovoltaic systems. A grid is fitted in this gap that acts as a walkway to facilitate cleaning and maintenance. The angle of inclination of the modules is designed to ensure the highest possible performance but, at the same time, to avoid the creation of a “sail effect”, which could result in the structure being lifted by wind.

HydroSolar’s philosophy is to use string inverters: several rafts make up a string and are linked to an inverter, which is installed at the most suitable point, designed specifically for each project. For large systems, there are multiple inverters: these are installed in groups on special structures located north of the entire system, or where there is no risk of shading.


Single Pitch Solution

Installed power: ca. 5,5 kWp
Characteristics: high levels of productivity
Installable PV modules: 12
Note: Rafts can be joined together to obtain the power required