The HydroSolar floating photovoltaic system

One of Hydrosolar’s objectives is to continue research and development to develop new materials and technologies, with particular attention being paid to the environmental aspects and to increasing the energy output.

The HydroSolar floating photovoltaic system consists of an innovative floating platform made of polyethylene pipes that are plugged at the ends and attached to a metal structure on which the support and fixing system for the photovoltaic modules, arranged in a dual-pitch configuration, are fitted.

The dual-pitch configuration has multiple advantages:

  1. It keeps wind resistance to a minimum, making the entire system more stable and safer.

  2. It avoids shading between the rows of photovoltaic modules

  3. It optimises the available space on the reservoir.

  4. It reduces installation times and construction costs.

The HydroSolar system uses a very efficient modular construction (cluster), which allows for quick and low-cost assembly and disassembly, which is suitable for both small and large industrial installations. The system complies with all the Italian regulations on safety, waterways, electrical hazards, and installations in water.

The materials used are recyclable (aluminium, steel, polyethylene, photovoltaic modules) and eco-friendly (no residues harmful to the environment are released). They are easy to source anywhere in the world, so the structure can be built anywhere.



HydroSolar was among the beneficiaries of the “Seed Money Fund” in the Province of Trento. Out of over 130 applications for grants, only the first 33 were considered eligible for funding, including HydroSolar.