The solution for the toughest environments

This solution is space-saving because the modules are now facing east and west, avoiding the problem of shading that can occur in a single-pitch configuration.

This method can be useful if the basin is very irregular (if the banks not well delimited or there are islets in the water body) because with this type there is more manoeuvring possible during installation, allowing the available area to be optimised. This arrangement of the modules also avoids the creation of a “sail effect” and is therefore more suitable for mountain areas or locations that suffer strong gusts of wind.

In this method, the inverters are of the string type: for each MW installed, there are a number of inverters, which varies according to the model of machine being used. From the raft hosting the inverters, you “feed out” with alternating current and connect to the transformer station, and from there to the electrical substation.


Double Pitch Solution

Installed power: ca. 5,5 kWp
Characteristics: very compact
Installable PV modules: 12
Note: Rafts can be joined together to obtain the power required