Hydrosolar – Energy on water

HydroSolar designs and installs floating photovoltaic systems, based on the experience of its three founding partners that have been involved in projects and installations all over the world for over 15 years.

In the face of the growth of large ground-based installations in agricultural areas, the idea of floating photovoltaics was introduced in 2012, with the aim of freeing up land and at, the same time, producing clean energy and promoting sustainable development.

HydroSolar used its expertise to develop a new concept in photovoltaic energy production by exploiting the potential of water basins.

We cater to all those who have a body of water (used for irrigation, water purification, aggregate washing, producing artificial snow, etc.) on which they could install a photovoltaic system to produce electricity for their own consumption (e.g., hydroelectric plants). By exploiting only 5% of the surface of the freshwater basins available in Italy, over 50 GW of power could be produced using this system. In Italy to date, even with all the various incentives of the “Conti Energia” programme, the systems installed are only capable of producing just over 20 GW. These are figures that cannot be ignored in light of the targets of the European Green Deal.

Given this fact, HydroSolar has an ambitious plan to carve out a sizeable chunk of the market both in Italy and in other European and non-European countries.

HydroSolar is based in Mori (TN) and is registered in the Special Section of INNOVATIVE START-UPS in the Trento Business Register.



HydroSolar was among the beneficiaries of the “Seed Money Fund” in the Province of Trento. Out of over 130 applications for grants, only the first 33 were considered eligible for funding, including HydroSolar.