The patent

The HydroSolar company, founded in 2017, created its own floating platform by exploiting the already well-known advantages of floating PVs and by developing technologies that would make the product even more competitive. The company filed a utility model patent based on these characteristics. Subsequently, measures were taken to comply with the regulations in force in Italy relating to safety, waterways, electrical hazard, and installations in water. This allowed the utility model patent to be upgraded to a full industrial patent.

The HydroSolar platform is made from recyclable materials (aluminium, steel, polyethylene, photovoltaic modules) that are also eco-friendly (no residues harmful to the environment are released). They are easy to source anywhere in the world, so the structure can be built anywhere. The system has been designed to be expandable and comes in clusters that can be fitted together, ensuring that the entire system is very stable.

Given the diversity of possible locations (mountains, snowy and windy areas, calm or isolated areas), HydroSolar offers two versions of their product, each one suitable for a specific environment.