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Energy on water

HydroSolar is made up of 3 partners with considerable experience in the renewable energy sector who wanted to share their knowledge to develop a new concept of photovoltaic energy production, exploiting the potential of reservoirs, used in various capacities.

We work with well-defined and characterised subjects and with anyone who has a reservoir on which a photovoltaic system can be installed for their own electric consumption (e.g. irrigation, water treatment, waste water treatment, aggregate washing, artificial snow, etc.), or to produce electricity (e.g. hydroelectric reservoirs).

The first floating photovoltaic system of 28 photovoltaic modules with a power of 8.68 kWp, was realised in December 2018 at Lake Braide in Segno di Predaia (Tn) on the surface of the irrigation reservoir of the Consorzio di Miglioramento Fondiario Pongaiola (Consortium of Land Improvement Pongaiola), which granted us the use of the necessary space.

At a national level, there are very few operators and we are practically at year zero; consider for example, exploiting 5% of the surface of the freshwater reservoirs available in Italy, approx. 50 GW could be installed (to better understand the figures, in Italy, with all the various incentives from the "Feed-in tariff programs", to date, just over 20 GW have been installed).

As a consequence, HydroSolar, has an ambition to carve out a sizeable chunk of the market both in Italy and in other European and non-European countries.


HydroSolar was among the beneficiaries of the "Seed Money" allocation in the Province of Trento: out of over 130 applications for grants, only the first 33 were eligible for funding, including HydroSolar.

Do you have a reservoir?